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The Unanticipated Discovery

Spending practically six months of 12-hour days sorting and evaluating over 200,000 phrases to be used within the strategy of Random Phrase Stimulation was a protracted and arduous course of. It was additionally very instructional and enlightening. By the tip of our endeavor we will need to have contemplated each thought that may be expressed by a single phrase, the sum complete of shared human expertise.

Dictionaries are usually used to lookup particular phrases to make clear definition, verify correct spelling and pronunciation, or discover thesaurus relationships between phrases. As a substitute we sought to investigate every phrase individually to find out their worth in relation to the strategy of Random Phrase Stimulation. Phrases that handed our choice standards had been then sorted into classes optimized for varied functions.

Following this unconventional course afforded us the chance to expertise the English language from a novel perspective and we inadvertently found some attention-grabbing patterns that emerged alongside the way in which.

As everyone knows – many phrases have the identical or comparable meanings, and plenty of phrases pertain to completely different aspects of the identical topic. It appears affordable to conclude that topics with essentially the most phrases attributed to them should maintain a respectively larger place of recognition within the hierarchy of human expertise. Some topics have a terrific many aspects to think about, many nuances that replicate the inherent depth and breadth of human notion attributed to a topic.

The Secret is Out

With respect to the above I felt obliged to report we could not assist however discover one specific topic that got here up with alarming frequency. In reality it got here up so typically we had been pressured to think about whether or not it warranted its personal class (though finally we thought higher of it). The vast majority of our classes had been intentionally designed to be of a extra generalized nature so we didn’t maintain an in depth account of what number of phrases had been attributed to particular topics.

Nonetheless, wanting again over this crucial section of our improvement cycle, the one most conspicuous topic that stood out head and shoulders above the remainder, the topic with extra phrases attributed to it than every other, the topic that we should assume is one of the best recognized and most well known actuality all through your entire historical past of mankind, and because it occurs the very topic that impressed this text, was – to place it bluntly – the stupidity of individuals.

There it’s – the key is out, and I understand simply broaching this delicate topic is committing figurative seppuku in mild of the present prevailing tradition of political correctness, but it surely needed to be executed. There isn’t a escape from this uncomfortable fact, it is proper there in print, carved in stone but properly hidden throughout the pages of what must be essentially the most unbiased supply of data we’ve – the dictionary.

The Quest for Information

The search for data is based on the idea of self-propelled studying by exploring the unknown seeking solutions, and with out exception, by no means to discard or shrink back from no matter is found. On this specific case we weren’t looking within the typical sense, the invention appeared by its personal volition.

How this took place is irrelevant. All that issues is that the invention was made and a query is raised. Curiosity have to be glad. Discovery of any form behooves us to discover the topic additional to determine the steadiness of fact and falsehood, and decide what worth may be gleaned from the expertise.

So the query is – How might stupidity turn into essentially the most universally acknowledged attribute of mankind?

A curious query to say the least. In spite of everything, one want solely level to the outstanding achievements of recent know-how, the sensitivity in orchestrating the fragile intricacies of a terrific symphony or masterpiece of artwork, the awe inspiring constructs of structure standing in testomony to our ingenuity, mind, and creativeness. Considered in context of the various works of genius produced by mankind, the query itself instantly raises its opposing query – How silly might we be?

Well-liked Opinion

Usually our exploration would start by using Random Phrase Stimulation to incite the invention of recent views from which to ponder the difficulty. Nonetheless, on this uncommon scenario we’re coping with a topic that’s already well-known – quite extremely well-known at that. In reality on this specific case it’s the very recognition of the competition itself that’s in query. Underneath the circumstances maybe the easiest way to start out could be to question mankind straight and thereby problem the veracity of the competition from its supply.

To this finish I started to make a degree of showing our unanticipated discovery to buddies and acquaintances at social gatherings or informal conferences. For the sake of acquiring thorough and unbiased suggestions from the most important potential cross part of individuals I made positive to broach the topic of our discovery with full strangers at each alternative.

What the Individuals Say

Because it turned out, their response was much more alarming than the competition itself. The response was constant from everybody queried no matter age, degree of schooling, gender, career, monetary place, social stature or station in life, save solely the odd uncommon exception.

Total the response might be distilled into two distinct elements:

1. By far essentially the most startling revelation was that everybody was in full settlement. Physique language on this case was much more telling than verbal response. Every participant exhibited a attribute medley of gestures. Predominate amongst these; it was the mixture of a distant inward gaze targeted in view of some inside imaginative and prescient, coupled with a mild figuring out smile, which signaled the unmistakable signal. I’d by no means lay declare to psychic powers, and but upon witnessing this traditional response to my question I could not assist however really feel some form of obscure religious empathy, as if for these transient few moments a light window in my very own thoughts appeared via which their inside ideas had been revealed. My imaginative and prescient, although blurred to element, revealed crystal clear that every particular person was experiencing their very own intimate associations to previous occasions of their lives, lucid recollections that bore the plain fact of the matter at hand.

2. It was additionally clear by what folks mentioned, and maybe even extra by what they did not say, that the thought by no means entered their minds to think about themselves in private possession of this most outstanding attribute of humanity.

We should conclude the results of our admittedly unscientific pole did certainly affirm that the competition in query was instantly acknowledged all through the brotherhood of mankind. Stupidity would appear to have earned its famend standing, although we’re nonetheless left to ponder essentially the most elemental query that have to be repeated till it may be resolved no additional – WHY?

Technique of Exploration

Would inspecting stupidity as an idea present some perception? What higher useful resource might we ask for than the very one which prompted this exploration within the first place – the dictionary.

This is the definition in response to Webster’s – Stupidity:
1 : the standard or state of being silly
2 : a silly concept or act

Not very informative is it. Right here we’ve a topic with extra phrases associated to it than every other, but the one definitions of the phrase itself merely confer with its root kind as if it has no tangible that means in any respect. I will not hassle referencing the basis kind “Silly” since its definition isn’t any extra enlightening.

Search via the infinite wealth of information recorded all through the historical past of mankind and you can find that definitive reference materials pertaining to our topic is just about non-existent. We’re thus left utterly on our personal to proceed our quest for solutions. From right here on we should rely solely on our abilities of artistic and significant pondering to blaze new paths of exploration after which make use of decisive deductive reasoning to additional our search of a ultimate decision.

The Journey Begins

May stupidity be an natural phenomenon intrinsic to nature and born of the universe? Is it silly how the solar radiates life endowing vitality on our planet, how bees pollinate flowers to maintain new progress, or how rain falls to nourish the earth? Can any of the miraculous wonders of nature, even the very existence of mankind itself, be thought-about a manifestation of stupidity?

I believe not (let’s hope not). No – stupidity would appear to be an idea created by, unique to, and firmly rooted in, the human thoughts. We are able to conclude subsequently that stupidity is just not absolute, quite it’s a relative assemble born of our personal notion. Stupidity has no lifetime of its personal; it could possibly solely exist as a manifestation of thoughts solely underneath the purview of the perceiver.

Everybody thought the Wright Brothers had been imbued with boundless stupidity for pursuing the ridiculous notion that man might fly like a chicken. Historical past is filled with comparable examples had been in style perceptions held by the various, evolve past measure from challenges imposed by a daring few.

One particular person’s notion of stupidity can typically be one other’s notion of probably good innovation. How can we account for these discrepancies of notion? Or extra to the purpose – How can we study to leverage our seemingly pure aptitude and propensity to acknowledge the previous, in order that we could domesticate and amplify our latent potential to acknowledge the latter?

The Paradox of Notion

Understanding human notion brings us to the considerably esoteric topic of the human trait generally known as EGO. I cannot belabor this discourse with an in-depth educational exploration into the Id, Ego, and Tremendous-Ego, popularized by the Freudian structural mannequin of the human psyche. Nor will I make any distinctions in reference to the “Male Ego” (I’ve by no means even heard of a “Feminine Ego”).

Gender not withstanding, for the aim of our dialogue relating to the ego, it can suffice to say that all of us have one, and in comparatively equal measure. For the sake of brevity the following few sections will focus consideration on the predominant elements of ego germane to our topic.

Ego breeds the evils of prejudice. And since I introduced up this instantly offensive and politically incorrect “hot-potato” of a phrase, a proof of context is clearly so as.

Most individuals consider prejudice when it comes to its frequent social stigma, maybe most notably within the type of racial prejudice. However prejudice is certainly not restricted to race. Prejudice has advanced all through our cultural historical past to incorporate things like ladies, homosexuals bisexuals (just about any sexuals), folks with disabilities, the poor, the wealthy, the previous, the younger, drunkards (a private favourite), and the record goes on advert nauseum. Title any single factor within the recognized universe and there’ll probably be somebody someplace that holds prejudices for or in opposition to it.

The previous paragraph pertained to prejudice in reference to issues from the world exterior the thoughts. However ego breeds one other form of prejudice, a yin to the yang because it had been. As a substitute of pertaining to issues exterior the thoughts this kind of prejudice is decidedly in favor of every part contained in the thoughts. This incarnation of ego is characterised by an inflated sense of self value and excessive self assuredness had been one’s personal ideas and opinions reign supreme to the exclusion of all others.

It have to be acknowledged this orientation of the ego does certainly pose some vital benefits. A thoughts that views the world strictly via the lens of a self-fabricated ego can transfer via that world with single mindedness of goal, effortlessly brushing apart any concerns that might stand in the way in which of reaching its objectives. However success thus derived doesn’t come with out price. Additionally there isn’t any assure an inflated sense of self will obtain nice success, particularly when mentioned inflation consists extra of air than of substance. The price is identical regardless and a method or one other the satan at all times collects his due. People who endure this affliction not often discover the energy of character to appreciate their plight or acknowledge its folly.

The idea of prejudice extends far past its modern connotations to political incorrectness (a sort of prejudice in its personal proper). Within the bigger sense, prejudice denotes the ego harboring a steadfast penchant to favor its personal private preferences. There’s nothing incorrect with preferences per se, all of us have them, however it isn’t the acquisition of particular preferences that’s at challenge. The problem is how ego tends to dominate our pondering and the way its prejudices severely slender our discipline of view, crippling our capability to fathom the alternate options that make up the complete spectrum expertise of life. Prejudice is the perform of an ego that regards its personal preferences, no matter they could be, as the final word benchmark by which all issues are measured and judged.

Our Valuable Present of Creativity

Primarily ego is what we expertise as our personal self. The existence of ego in its purest elemental kind might be absolute, an intrinsic facet of the human situation. However from beginning the ego is topic to the forces of evolution, which implies its improvement is finally self-determined and subsequently relative to the person.

Many would say it’s exactly our ego that defines our individuality, one thing to be nurtured, cultivated, and refined. An indicator of knowledge is to view the ego as one thing to be restrained, minimized, and stored underneath fixed remark and cautious scrutiny. Ego is an integral facet of our psychology that colours our view of the world, and all too typically determines how we interpret our life experiences.

When underneath the management of self-awareness the ego can function a strong ally. Constrained and restricted to its personal units the ego tends to obscure any truths that battle with its private preferences by fabricating handy new truths that favor them.

Are we not higher off using our treasured present of creativity to discover and uncover the fact of genuine fact, as an alternative of making an imaginative false actuality based mostly on self-serving lies?

The Problem We Face

Cultivating the acutely aware consciousness of our personal ego in order that we could perceive how ego influences our pondering is definitely a harder talent to grasp than one would possibly anticipate. We should achieve consciousness that we people are in actuality a terrific deal greater than what we seem like.

There isn’t a approach to study our personal ego from throughout the ego itself. The one approach to accomplish this prodigious feat is to discover a new unbiased vantage level from which to view.

The Supreme Being

Once we shut our eyes, and thereby draw a curtain over the world exterior the thoughts, we dwell in an area that directly appears localized within our head and but, when seen from inside, has no discernible boundaries. An infinite inside universe the place we’ve the ability and freedom to create no matter we want. Completely nothing exists on this area besides that which we ourselves manifest.

All of us exist because the Supreme Being of this inside universe the place the one limits of creation are these we impose on ourselves. Inside this universe is the supply of our true human nature the place the ego is merely a superficial picture that obscures the extra profound actuality.

It’s inside this universe we are able to discover the mirror to see our personal ego’s true reflection in sensible readability. Solely then can we bypass the ego’s regular filtering mechanisms and have interaction in sober contemplation of self from a brand new unbiased perspective.

One Method to Knowledge

A superb approach to begin is to strive understanding issues from the angle of others. Questions we might ask and solutions we’d anticipate in reply. In fact many people do that already so the train can be considerably acquainted.

Normally we take into consideration buddies, household, and other people we work together with regularly. Their pondering can be simpler to find out due to lengthy standing familiarity. Nonetheless, regardless that our instinct can be extra correct working with one thing acquainted, there may be truly way more to be gained from exploration impressed by the unfamiliar. Contemporary insights evolve from inspiration derived through the use of our creativeness to converse with folks we do not know in any respect, at the least not on intimate phrases. For that matter why prohibit our train of instinct and creativeness to dialog with folks?

As evidenced by the various extraordinary examples of animation – animals, bugs, and even inanimate objects may be endowed with sturdy character and discerning their distinctive opinions can present insights far past the anticipated. Along with an infinite plethora of characters we are able to additionally think about these interactions going down in any form of atmosphere at any scale, from the microscopic to the macroscopic and every part in between.

It doesn’t matter if our creativeness produces correct determinations in regards to the pondering of others. What issues is that the train permits us to look at our personal pondering from a special viewpoint. By far a very powerful consideration when performing these workout routines is to by no means free consciousness that it’s our creativeness making a fantasy.

Creativeness is impressed by our instinct extrapolating what we predict we find out about another person’s pondering, however it’s nonetheless intuitive creativeness at play. Consciousness is very essential when imagining interactions with somebody you realize. When speaking with somebody (or some factor) in your creativeness it’s crucial to by no means free sight of the truth that the opposite aspect of the dialog remains to be you.

Insights derived from these workout routines will reveal a terrific deal about one’s personal pondering, however just about nothing of reality about theirs. In dropping self-awareness of our creativeness we danger the hazard of committing fantasies to reminiscence and later by chance complicated them with actuality. False recollections skew our perceptions of others together with our perceptions of how others understand us.

Beware the Lure

Many will suppose it self evident, even laughably apparent, that one can at all times inform the distinction between imagined fantasy and genuine actuality. However therein lays a harmful folly of human psychology many people succumb to with out ever realizing.

As we encounter issues we do not perceive we are likely to depend on assumption to fill within the blanks. The place do these assumptions come from? You guessed it, assumptions are generated by our instinct and creativeness, perhaps with a splash of precise data blended into the combo simply so as to add sufficient taste to make them plausible. Left to simmer for some time with out problem or analysis and we’ve a savory dish of consolation with a convincing taste of reality, or at the least shut sufficient to disregard the distinction.

Making assumptions is a lot simpler than sourcing and verifying info. We people are lazy creatures of behavior and making assumptions is a simple behavior to amass. Like a narcotic, the nice gratification we derive from these first few assumptions establishes a viable methodology of fulfilling a necessity. Success of want develops right into a behavior, which quickly transitions to a cushty habit that alters our habits the extra we indulge. And true to habit, the necessity itself grows in proportion with our potential to fulfill the necessity.

Over time our capability of sound judgment diminishes whereas we compile an in depth stock of cascading assumptions to attract from. Within the course of, what we come to imagine in as rational reality grows into perception of irrational fiction. Ultimately we turn into so comfy and accustomed with our assumptions that what we come to understand as actuality is definitely a life ceaselessly lived in self-fabricated fantasy. We might imagine this lamentable situation have to be a uncommon exception, however the grim fact is that we ALL endure from this illness; the one distinction between us is one in every of diploma.

I am reluctant to name this stupidity however – We might be getting nearer to resolving our query than any of us would care to confess. How did we come to this state of affairs, and if true, what may be executed to restore the injury and discover our method freed from false notion?

Instruments of Enlightenment

The mind is an organ that permits pondering in the identical method muscular tissues are organs that allow motion. These organs are nugatory with out the driving power that brings them to life. The driving power that makes all issues potential, together with that of life itself, is personified as the ability of thought.

Regardless of the various assumptions made all through historical past on the contrary, the plain fact is that neither the trials of science nor the blind religion of faith has adequately defined this miraculous phenomenon. However regardless that we do not know precisely what this energy is, we do know one thing about its habits, and so we are able to discover ways to use it to vital benefit.

The mind develops its formidable capabilities via a built-in property known as Neuroplasticity. Muscular tissues reply to bodily forces. The mind’s Neuroplasticity, at the least the a part of the mind that endows our psychological schools, responds solely to the forces of thought continuously emanating from the thoughts. Ego, emotion, creativity, logic, instinct, creativeness, all schools of the thoughts are processes of pondering which are at all times in play, each single hour of each day. All the things that takes place within the thoughts, whether or not actual or imagined, impacts the mind in principally the identical method.

Neuroplasticity doesn’t know the distinction between fantasy and actuality, it merely responds to our power of thought. The act of pondering itself (or lack thereof) stimulates Neuroplasticity to restructure the mind in an ongoing effort to take care of steadiness with the forces of thought appearing upon it. Primarily what this implies is that nonetheless we apply our power of pondering, the mind responds by optimizing its inner electrochemical mechanisms in a exact and articulate method to turn into higher at channeling the forces generated by the thoughts.

Muscular tissues turn into stronger when exercised. Neuroplasticity mimics this habits within the mind. For instance: utilizing our creativeness stimulates Neuroplasticity to boost the mind’s potential to channel creativeness, which in flip improves our potential to make the most of our creativeness. This perpetual cycle of use and enchancment is lively from our beginning and continues till our loss of life. Neuroplasticity responds to the complete spectrum of psychological exercise by enhancing no matter psychological schools we use, and at all times in proportion to how vigorously we use them.

Neuroplasticity is a built-in response mechanism that doesn’t considerably diminish with age. Creating inflexible patterns of pondering is just not a bodily manifestation of ageing; it’s solely a matter of willful alternative. Whether or not we understand it or not, we at all times have full management, and we’re at all times free to train our management. Our psychological evolution can solely happen in a favorably keen atmosphere.

Enemies on the Gate

The psychological schools we don’t use turn into weaker and overshadowed by these we do use. This habits is especially related in context of the media saturated tradition of right now. Of the various types of media at play within the fashionable world, tv might be the worst offender, particularly contemplating how our youngsters develop up watching. We sit and we watch like a one-way receiver tuned to the channel of our chosen broadcast, and placing apart for a second the content material of what we watch, the crucial challenge is that the pondering half has already been executed for us.

The time we spend absorbing pre-designed data robs us of the time we might spend designing our personal. Media in impact trains us to not THINK in any respect, or at the least not about something value fascinated by. What sort of a mind does Neuroplasticity construct in response to participating on this senseless exercise?

Neuroplasticity at all times responds by optimizing the mind’s potential to help no matter exercise the thoughts engages in. Actions like watching tv optimizes the mind’s functionality to enter a passive vegetative state to assimilate data because it’s offered. The data is offered full and pre-formatted intentionally to unburden the thoughts from any want of lively participation.

Roughly one third of broadcast content material consists of commercials, that are bolstered by the barrage of passive promoting that actually fills our world. Specialists in content material creation, working from many years of intensive analysis into human psychology, are paid billions of {dollars} to affect, manipulate, and outright management our pondering behaviors, and all to serve a company agenda that satisfies their greatest pursuits, not ours.

We’re led to imagine that commercials are a obligatory evil to finance supply of entertaining content material. However let’s always remember that company {dollars} drive the entire system. By no means suppose for a second that the remaining two thirds will not be plagued by embedded content material leveraged to go with their company agenda. Like a merciless joke advised at our expense, all media broadcast industries brazenly confer with their output sign as “Programming”.

Keep in mind that Neuroplasticity doesn’t know the distinction between fantasy and actuality. The standard of our crucial pondering and choice making relies on the knowledge saved within the mind’s reminiscence. If this data was absorbed whereas the thoughts was asleep or in any other case engaged, then what kinds the idea of our ideas, opinions, and selections? Should not we be truly dwelling and studying for ourselves as an alternative of blindly adopting a company skewed imaginative and prescient of life?

Think about a world populated by billions of individuals, by no means realizing their minds will not be completely their very own, and all underneath management of a dominating few with a diabolical agenda born of company self curiosity. Little question the stuff of some nice science fiction. However wait a minute – We do not have to think about this incredible situation – We’re in reality already dwelling it.

Is human stupidity chargeable for bringing about this state of affairs? Our preliminary query is beginning to tackle a daunting new dimension. However we’re not completed but.

It Begins on the Starting

No exploration of human stupidity could be compete with out a second of contemplation about our techniques of schooling. We spend our vital youth taking part on this system which shapes our minds in preparation for the trials of life past. Presumably the intent of schooling is to remodel us from a state of stupidity to a state of intelligence. Or is it from a state of ignorance to a state of information? Both method, essentially the most beneficial attribute of knowledge has turn into an elusive byproduct, acquired extra by chance quite than a deliberate consequence of instructional coaching.

All techniques are designed to just accept some form of enter and course of that enter with the intention of manufacturing some form of output. The Utopian system is one which accepts the widest vary of enter, and produces the very best high quality output, inside a course of optimized for max effectivity.

Formal schooling has been conceived as a system producing uniform elements to be built-in into the large collective of human machines that make up the mechanics of civilization. If a person half goes unhealthy for some cause there may be at all times one other to seamlessly takes its place.

Creativity might be seen as a drawback, for the way can one conceive a practical machine had been the person elements had artistic minds of their very own? The efficiency of a single half couldn’t be relied upon if one can not predict with certainty how that half will perform.

Manufacturing of machine elements will be the final in mechanical effectivity, however is it per our true human nature which embodies the inflexible disciplines of logic and the imaginative freedom of creativity in equal measure? Would not we be a lot better off if the schooling system concentrated its efforts on producing genius? If genius represents the easiest we may be, then formal schooling would appear a depressing failure, contemplating how genius is such a uncommon commodity.

Maybe if the person elements had been imbued with genius, we might envision a system had been dependable machines designed themselves organically in a balanced response to fulfilling societies true wants. Such a system controls itself in a way oriented to profit the person elements quite than targeted on the questionable priorities of controlling few on the high. Such a system additionally makes use of the complete scope of human potential supplied by every particular person half.

The Fact of Stupidity

Fact is a common fixed of nature that might by no means be construed as a manifestation of stupidity. Fact is just the conscience realization of genuine actuality. The pursuit of fact is essentially the most noble endeavor of mankind and AWARENESS is the important thing that opens the doorway to fact.

Consciousness of our personal ego opens our notion of actuality far past the bounds imposed by the bias of our private preferences, and retains our penchant for assumption at bay with a brand new choice for searching for the reality.

Consciousness of the mind’s Neuroplastic habits offers us the instruments to boost our psychological schools to Olympian ranges. Consciousness of the complete potential of our present of creativity permits us to make the most of our creativeness for functions far past that of easy fantasy.

Consciousness of the true intent of media promoting nullifies its impact on the psyche. Consciousness reveals the intentions of anybody or something that penetrates our sphere of notion. Consciousness additionally empowers us to exert our personal affect over our world to battle all types of evil that search domination, and assist increase the notice of others within the course of.

Consciousness that we’re the Supreme Being of our inside universe leads us to appreciate the true nature of our existence. Think about a world with billions of individuals working collectively in seamless harmonized freewheeling synergy, identical to the very forces of nature itself. That is the true nature of human future.

Our seemingly pure aptitude and propensity to acknowledge essentially the most universally acknowledged attribute of mankind presents us the best alternative to reveal the reality. The notion of stupidity can solely happen in distinction in opposition to the background of a extra profound actuality. Recognizing stupidity is subsequently a golden alternative to nurture our consciousness of our personal perceptions. By considering the shallow notion of stupidity we are able to reveal the elusive depths of genuine fact.


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